Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dances with Yanos

Misanthrope Yan: What's up u blogging bastid
J<3MARX: What are you doing tonight?
J<3MARX: I know of a party where you could definitely get a good pump
Misanthrope Yan: Really????
Misanthrope Yan: Fuck I need to get laid
Misanthrope Yan: Where u goin bk?
J<3MARX: bowery
J<3MARX: Marion's
Misanthrope Yan: Ha
Misanthrope Yan: Hassan got in a huuge fight there
Misanthrope Yan: Month ago
Misanthrope Yan: Slammed kids head against wall
Misanthrope Yan: This kid reed
Misanthrope Yan: Worst kid on the planet
J<3MARX: Hahahahahahaha omg
J<3MARX: Lotta tools there
J<3MARX: I'm gonna start blogging our bbms
J<3MARX: I mean I assume you don't give a sheeeeet
J<3MARX: Yano Marx the Spot
Misanthrope Yan: Hahahahahahhha
Misanthrope Yan: Yea blog away
Misanthrope Yan: I have all my posts ready
Misanthrope Yan: Too nervous to start my blog
Misanthrope Yan: Its so mean and arrogant
Misanthrope Yan: The first post
J<3MARX: Hahahahaha omg I can't wait
J<3MARX: Can you email it to me?
Misanthrope Yan: The opening post?
Misanthrope Yan: Fineill send to u
Misanthrope Yan: Before I go live w blog
Misanthrope Yan: Lol
Misanthrope Yan: Ull like it a lot I think
J<3MARX: Love that I get to read it before it goes "Live." I've got the exclusive on this.

Friday, March 27, 2009

...I'll bet you think this song is about you

So Missbehave Mag does this little feature chronicling what one of their staff members happens to be sporting that day.

*click image to enlarge
**go here for 100 days of outfits archives

I enjoy these posts. Say what you will about the internet and blogging and narcissism, but it's a cute concept. And it's also so girly, which I love. Let's face it, chicks dress for other chicks. We also love talking about what we're wearing and what we're planning on buying or what we're just plain coveting. And we all know that fashion-related drama is everywhere. A friend recently informed me that she planned on buying a pair of boots that I wearing. I couldn't help but remember back to the days (read: middle & high school) when getting the same shoes as one of your bff's could actually turn into a point of contention. Mostly a lot of shit-talking.

OK. Let's get to my outfit already.

Liberty+Nike Blazer=Opening Ceremony

J. Brand

Couldn't find a photo of my Steven Alan jacket online, but here's a rack of other pretty things that they sell.

Cashmere Scarf

I wish mine looked like this...

But I love this one, too.

The sweater is cashmere, Uniqlo.

I also got a haircut today...not that you can really tell. But I needed it.

A bientôt

P.S. Do yourself a favor and peep Lesley's book, Dear Diary. Two thumbs up as well to the Vice Guide to Fiction, which she wrote along with Amy Kellner, author of one of the greatest blogs of all time, Teenage Unicorn R.I.P.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Scooped by Gawker, then by @ELCatch22 (well, scooped via Twitter, anyway). I'm really into saying that today...SCOOPED!

Without further ado, I dedicate the following to @erickohn

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Didn't you get my Tweets? I Just Twoted all over the place...


Brynn-Fest spring 2009!
V & M's apt. minus M :(

The guest of honor--also the CHEF, yeah Brynn!!!

I don't think we waited to sit down formally before digging in. That garlic bread was extra delicious.

They sat at the head of the table like King and Queen--and deservedly so.

Check out Austin's self-proclaimed classic toasting shot.

Awesome flatware...and disposable, too (as were these cameras, btw). We're not big into cleaning up...

Salope, I can't believe you wouldn't let me have one!

Mini-cupcakes makin' the rounds (there were like five huge trays)

Calm down, them's the rules. People who start fires don't get cupcakes.

Egregious product placement...what, is this like the new 90210 or someting?

Everyone's full.

Mandatory dance party...

Real Talk.


...and Lenny!

I had two cameras and they both ran out of film about five hours before we called it a night.

Probably for the best.