Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Times and Great Oldies

Wait, what is this feeling? It's so foreign and confusing. Oh, now I get it...I'm happy. I'm happy? And where did that come from? Well, 'cause life's been good.

Went out with the kids to celebrate at Eda's BD Dinner.

Went to Scott's for Eda's after-party; he recorded the debate on DVR or whatever and it was up on the projector screen.

Heavy Petting.

Fast-forward to the followring night, which was the big bash chez Hadas--also for her upcoming BDay.
Some traveled by train, some by taxi, others by Moonwalk.

- When you gonna drop Magnum on us, buddy?
- Not yet. You gotta tame the beast before you let it out of its cage.

Oh, OK this is in East Hampton. These photos are kind of out of order, just go with it.



Well, if you refer back to our LIRR trip you will note that this is one very classy bunch.

If I were Leonardo Da Vinci, this would be my Mona Lisa.
Also, Scott writes the funniest photo captions in the world. I won't put one on here because that would feel like stealing someone else's joke, or just being annoying by repeating something that you didn't even think of yourself, you heard from someone else--well the point is, neither is cool.

If I were the type of person to say stuff like, "Power Couple," I would bestow said title upon Chelsea and Foster. Clearly, they are amazing.

Just really out of order. Like a time machine.

SHAKE SHACK...obviously back in NY now.

My Life as a Cover Girl.

And I couldn't help but wonder...

Why I can't help but tune in to many a late night syndicated ep of SATC.

OMG OMFG. This is my totally THE BEST show of all time. Like Oh my God you guys...you know someday when I've moved all the way to NYC and have completely MADE IT. And of course I will strut down 5th Avenue in FABULOUS Manolo Blahnik's that are four inches tall. I'll drink Cosmo's. Eat Magnolia Bakery pink frosted cupcakes. Sleep with a new guy every night. My friends already tell me literaly ALL the time that I am no joke JUST LIKE CARRIE OMG LOL. No, but seriously you guys. I took a quiz online and they were RIGHT.


Monday, September 29, 2008


I personally like this guy. It appears some people do not.

Another thing I like...no love are my TOPSHOP tights.
Oh I love TS so much, I can't even talk about it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Hey guys! Like the new head gear? This is from our adventure at the New York State Renaissance Fair. A few Sundays ago, a whole crew of us drove upstate and spent one very memorable, bizarre, insane, fascinating, extremely trippy day trip there...in terms of description, basically all adjectives apply.

This happened after purchasing our admission to the "Fayre."
Because obviously iguanas played an important role during Renaissance times.

Graham found this stick in the surrounding woods. And by stick, I mean, Magic Staff.
At Ren Fayre this is NBD.

Morgan: Ring Leader, Turkey Eater

A friend in MEAD is a friend indeed.


One downside of this day o' fun was that it turned us retarded.

I may have lost my motor skills for a while, but I think people still got the message.

Renaissance Fair Trade Magazine. Uh huh.

All Photos By Morgan M. (he's a really good picture-taker)