Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Sarah Palin,

Heroes get remembered,
but legends never die.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Born on the 4th of JEW-LIE

Guess who else was in East Hampton for the weekend?!?!

Yuuuuuup, Mr. Walkie Talkies himself (looking extremely dapper--as does mah man, doye). A last hurrah before his big move to SF. Evan, I miss you already! I'm so grateful for this unexpected, totally awesome bonus round we got to spend together.
So on Friday night--Nico and I were debating on whether or not to go to this cocktail thingy, made a few calls--turns out E was not only at the soirée, he was staying at the house for the wknd...small/mad world.

Mr. Hamptons Dot Com / Mayor of EH

Throwback to camp days: the single-digit years.

USA! USA! We kicked things off at the 'stone fête.

Total Bar Mitzvah vibe on the dance floor, which is ironic since E and I were probably the only Jews there.

The MJ was plentiful, the costumes colorful.

Love the siblings Pool. LOVE.
P.S. Lindsay, you were missed!!

The "DJ" was f*cking hilarious. He was taking this "gig" VERY seriously.

Afterward, we all headed over to Alexis' pad; el casa de pool...


The Look Book: East End Edition (actually there were/always are a lot of winning ensembles in this neck of the woods).

Some things are just inevitable...


Movin' On Up And Out

Goodbye party to 149 E 9th St. Tons of fun 'n crazy happenings there over the years...the moonwalk. Yet, bigger and better things await in Tribeca. Many, many thanks to you boys for all your amazing hospitality over the years. Oh, and I ran out of film halfway through the evening, so if you're not pictured don't be mad. La boum did not disappoint; practically everyone came through, we all went big...then eventually went home.