Thursday, July 31, 2008

Excerpt of the Day: No-No-No-Notorious

"I came from a school that was filled with girls like Tinsley." Jenny would never forget the Blair Waldorfs she had grown up half fearing, half longing to be, girls who made you feel like you didn't exist until they happened to need something from you. They'd assume you'd be will to drop everything for them, which of course, you would. But the truly dangerous girls the Serena van der Woodsens of the world because they were perfectly beautiful and nice, they were almost inhuman. Tinsley was somewhere in between--she had all the apparent perfections of a Serena, yet her mind was always scheming Like a Blair, always wanting more. " I can handle her." But Jenny was suddenly completely unsure of herself. She'd never be a Blair or a Serena or a Tinsley, only a Jenny. Would she always be a wannabe?
-- Notorious: an It Girl novel, created by Cecily von Ziegesar (author of Gossip Girl)

Backstory: was sent a box set of the entire It Girl series...along with this note:

tee hee...xo xo

Monday, July 14, 2008

And time doesn't wait for me, it keeps on rollin'

It's been a long time, Been a long time.

So I've kind of neglected my oh-so-important blog (apologies to my hoards of loyal fans).
Well, a lot has gone, many days at the beach...weekdays, when too many people are 'at work,' but not Sewak. Activities include ballet (not pictured) and narcissistic photography.

we + patty (here for a month from brazil, yay!)...the three of us all HEART the beach.

Cookie jetted off to L.A. and immediately regretted doing so.

Mermaid Parade. Coney Island--Brooke (née Cookie) got drunk; went swimming.

To Be Continued...