Friday, October 31, 2008

Freaks & Geeks

HAPPY HALLOWIENERS! Today is most likely my favorite holiday.

Going to the Day of the Dead party downtown...DJing/iPoding: Harley & Cassie, Leo Fitz, Chrissie, Waris, etc...and THE VIRGINS are gonna play a show. Great times.

L'inspiration du soir

HBO's Carnivàle
* Thx to C, B & others for turning me on to this amazing show...which of course was canceled. FTW.

OK. Not quite.

What's your costume? I think someone should go as Ghoullio.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tears On My Pillow

Ball up your fists. Who doesn't love a good cry?

An American Tail - "Somewhere Out There"

Pete's Dragon - "It's Not Easy"

PD - "I Love You, Too"

The Rescuers - "Someone's Waiting for You"


Thank you. You're welcome.

Changes for Samantha

I am not ashamed to admit that at nearly a quarter of a century old I am still completely obsessed with American Girl--I can also attest to the fact that since I received my Samantha doll at the age of six, she has always held the highest mark in my heart. I love Samantha because of her amazing gear--the school outfit for S Learns a Lesson, the cape, muff and footwear for winter's Changes for Samantha, basically every outfit and accessory is magnificent. I acquired the complete collection, including all of the furniture, and even a matching nightgown for myself. I later received Kirsten, Felicity and Addy--and I adore all of them. However, Samantha remains above the rest, which says a lot since I hate to play favorites. It pains me that American Girl is bidding adieu to my favorite Gal, but I am positive that there are enough of us Samantha enthusiasts to carry on her legacy to future generations. By the way, I would just like to add that--as a New Yorker--I have gone for High Tea not once, but twice at the American Girl Store on Fifth Avenue; absolutely incredible.

I sincerely hope this is a publicity stunt and that they really aren't sending her away.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Tonight's GG, "Pret-a-Poor-J" did indeed runneth over with predictable plot lines and the same ole love triangles, quadrangles, hexagons, etc. But in no uncertain terms do I wish to trash the show, it's too easy--and like Richard @ Gawker has duly noted, this 'dramedy' can only be viewed in the light of comedy, where often the joke is on the show's creators, themselves (I'm talking to you, Josh Schwartz). The writers of this show are not ignorant of the cliches, farce and sometimes seemingly unintentional satire for which they themselves are responsible. For those of us who shouted in gleeful agreement with New York Magazine's declaring it the Best.Show.Ever...we the people, get. this. show. We love it not in spite of its flaws, but for all the forty-two odd minutes of its utter ridiculousness.

As the title suggests, little Jenny Humphrey gets to carry the episode, now that she's dropped out of Constance and is the big bright shining star of Eleanor Waldorf Designs, all while being home-schooled with/by Vanessa (though please note that V still finds time to "run" the Rufus gallery, attempt to save non-Williamsburg Brooklyn bars and also make movies--that are now for her admission to NYU). Anyway, Willa Holland shows up at the 'Atelier' playing the role of a model named "Agyness," so basically one is to assume that had this taken place during, say 1995, she'd go by "Kate." But I Agy is doing a fitting with J, and they become like, insta-Be Fri's. Meanwhile, Eleanor keeps taking credit for J's designs, but neglects to follow through on her promise to let lil J meet 'n greet the all the oh-so-important buyers. Not fair! What's an aspiring fashionista to do? How 'bout flee the stuffy UES and head downtown to party with Agy AND (here's where it gets really good) her 'photographer' friend, "Max"--i.e. the Mark Hunter to her would-be Cory Kennedy. The Cobrasnake--I mean, Max takes a bunch of Last-Night's-Party-esque pix of the two crazy gals, and J is eating it up. Unfortunately, she has to pull an all-nighter for Eleanor (to copy a dress she designed but with Waldorf fabric) in preparation for the presentation tomorrow with Bendel's and Bergdorff's--Eleanor has of course promised Jenny that she will be allowed to sit in on the meeting, but obviously dramatic irony is at work here, and we know it's not gonna happen. Jenny is forced to turn down A and M's oh-so tempting offer to go meet up with a stylist for Paper Mag and Nylon (wowzer!), and head back uptown. Pret-A-Poor-J, indeed.

Meanwhile, Nate "man-bangs" Archibald continues to shack up chez Humphrey, much to the chagrin of Vanessa (whose hair btw, was not nearly as fug as it was last week). Ever noticed how pretty much everything in life gets that girl's American Apparel knickers in a twist? To V, the Devil Wears Headbands--sometimes Prada ones, too--though V's too high up on her moral high horse to notice (side note: whatever happened to her Vespa?). Yes, the girl (Blair) is back in town--err, back in Brooklyn (omg ew!). You see the Blair and Chuck cat and mouse game, the song that never ends...oh, but sing on, B since Serena has managed to enlist Dan and his 'male perspective' to advise over the situation. I have to say, although B & C are pretty much the number one reason to watch this weekly charade, the whole "say those three words, no you say them first, no you, OK no nookie, OK fine" shtick has definitely run its course, especially after last week's Cruel Intentions episode. But back to Brooklyn--Serena and Dan are somehow on good terms again, I guess because last week she apologized for turning him back into the pumpkin, I mean, social outcast that he was pre-Serena. So S convinces B that D is the one who can truly help her get Chuck to scratch her itch (that only he can scratch). Blair finds that Dan does indeed have a few good ideas, and off she goes on her quest of seduction.

The 'Bedford Gallery'--because remember, the Humphrey's live in Williamsburg not D.U.M.B.O--is gearing up for another opening, and sparks fly when Serena meets the artist-in-residence, who is basically just Dan 'cept he's into light installations or something, rather than penmanship. He asks Serena out, but she refuses so as not to hurt poor Daniel. Mr. Artist gives her some crazy riddle to solve (I know, WTF) in exchange for a second chance to go out with him, but for the moment, S would rather mend her friendship with D than pursue a new romantic interest.

Speaking of interests, it seems Nate--maybe after accidentally walking in on a half-naked Jenny--may have a thing for Girl Humphrey. And while we're back to J, after slaving away all night for Eleanor, the boss takes her work and tells her to home because she looks like hell (yeah, all that eyeliner does make her appear rather cracked-out). Jenny is furious because this is her dress and Eleanor promised that she would get to meet the buyers today and maybe, finally get some credit for her work. When it becomes clear that's never gonna happen, J goes off on a tirade against Eleanor and walks out, taking her frocks with her--including, the green number that Serena wore on the catwalk (the one Andre Leon Talley just loved).

Everyone ends up back in Brooklyn for Mr. Artist's gallery opening, including Agy and Max, who it turns out went to RISD with Mr. Artist--small world! Agy is thrilled to hear about Jenny's Waldorf walk-out, and convinces her to start her own clothing line--I mean, she totes knows an Editor at Nylon, Max can shoot the campaign and OMFG it's gonna rawk. J, A and M ditch the gallery under the pretense of meeting up with all of Agy's so-called Hipster fashion connects, but instead they end up at Max's pad--what the show's set designer's perceive to be a way cool downtown loft. Agy pressures Jenny to dance with her in their bras to the Smith's while Mark, I mean, Max snaps away, how edgy, how cool.

Vanessa tells Dan about being used as "catnip" by Blair and Chuck in last week's episode (where I guess she was the Reese Witherspoon character, with bad hair), and she's ticked off that Dan would be willing to help someone as evil as Blair--because in her opinion, Chuck is the lesser villain of the two. Always the pawn, Dan sabotages Blair's final chance to be with Chuck angering Serena in the process, but not enough for her to turn her back on Dan. In the midst of asking Dan's permission (why?) to accept the date with Mr. Artist she suddenly solves the riddle and realizes that holleeee shitballs, they not only attended camp together as little tots in Switzerland, but were married on the bank of Lake Geneva, with licorice rings and everything! Sadly for S, she's too late, as she watches him whisk some other young lass away on his moped. Too bad, he would've been Dan with money, and hence, nothing over which to argue--didn't she almost have it all...poor S.

Chuck and Blair finally come to terms with the fact that they could never be an actual couple, that without the games, there's nothing between them. Finally! Sad for Blair, but happy for us, since it's been pretty obvious their romance was a one-way ticket to nowhere, and those two can now go back to wreaking havoc and hilarity on the lives of others, phew.

Back to those half-naked girls--Jenny's totally into it, until Nate--who apparently possesses the clairvoyance to know J's exact location--dashes in as J's "Knight in Shining Armani," who actually looks like a total L 7 in this 'uber edgy' downtown setting, but who cares as he whisks Jenny away, and out of this 'very dangerous' situation.' Surprise, surprise, Nate berates Jenny for being so foolish...and then they MAKE OUT. End Scene. Wonder how long it'll take Dan to break them up; place your bets.

Saving the best for last, which is actually the first scene--my god, after that My Fair Lady parody, I didn't think that could be topped, but--by george, she's got it! Well, Leighton does, anyway. The show opens with Blair fantasizing about sexing it up with Chuckie, while she, um, services herself (all with Kristen Bell narrating away)...until, gasp, Dorota walks in! Blair asks for a few more minutes of privacy, you know, just to finish a little project. D's response? "Remember, god is always watching."

Like I said...


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The old guy and the black guy?

5:19 PM Laura: yeah...I don't know if Dan can make it
he's been working SO MUCH
5:20 PM me: really?
Laura: yes it SUCKS
i hate it
me: like because of the economy?
like you said, i heard there's something wrong with it, or something
5:21 PM Laura: apparently. I guess the world is having money troubles
5:25 PM me: something like that?!
i heard these two guys both want the same job
like to run something
5:26 PM Laura: the old guy and the black guy?
me: Is he black? I heard he's a terrorist.
5:28 PM Laura: omg - what?
he's a muslin?
me: IDK
Laura: liek the fabric?
me: i heard he's BFF with a terrorist
5:32 PM Laura: is he going to make us all muslim?
or is he going to attack US
5:33 PM me: probably. i heard he's gonna take all our money via taxes and use it to give health care to poor people. wtf.
Laura: well...that's actually true
but I'm OK with it because I'm a bit of a socialist
now that we see capitalism run amok is not good
dude Dan HATES Obama
it pains me
5:36 PM me: i just sent a probama email
Laura: nice
I'll be there with you
me: can we start a facebook group--girls who love cats and barack obama
5:40 PM Laura: yes
I can invite my friend B
me: my friend has a dachshund named barrie barack obama
i'm sooo jealous
5:41 PM did you read my email? did you like the part about the wolves?
5:42 PM Laura: YES
I think I am going to come
me: cool
Laura: I'll bring my sis
me: it'll be funny
5:43 PM like calling random people
Laura: I want to call and say "Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? He's 172 years old!"


Sunday, October 26
Noon-8pm (show up whenever, leave whenever)

The Bowery Hotel 335 Bowery
btw. 3rd & Bond Streets
New York, NY 10012

Please come join us in making calls to undecided swing state voters, who very well may decide the outcome of this campaign.

It promises to be a very interesting experience. Bring friends, your cell phones and cell phone
chargers...and it's the weekend, which equals unlimited minutes, duh.

See you there...K THX BAI.

Today on Tyra: BROMANCE

Remember on Gossip Girl ("Chuck In Real Life") this past Monday when Dan had a whole monologue (or so it felt like) about his Bromance situation? He got extremely defensive. His point ultimately being that getting together with Nate to 'juggle soccer balls' does not mean...well, exactly what it sounds like.

Cut To: The one woman we can always count on to create public awareness of
the important issues, Miz Tyra Banks. Today, watch as she and her guests thoroughly explore the cultural phenomenon behind said portmanteau.


Boys will be boys -- until they become more than just friends. Tyra talks to men whose relationships with their “boys” have become so super-close, they’re considered bromances! Watch as jealous girlfriends dish about what it’s like to be outsiders in their own relationships -- and refuse to take a backseat to their boyfriends’ bromances!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Groucho and Me (Part III)


Born: October 2, 1890
(so technically, this post is one day late)

Ode to Grouch